When it comes to video game consoles the big players are XBOX, PlayStation and Nintendo. All three have very popular models and why one is considered the best depends a lot on what you are looking for from your gaming console. If you want the most exclusive games, Playstation is the winner but with other options, it is much harder to actually chose one over the other. They all have their niche following among gamers. Nintendo probably wins when it comes to best pricing having recently come out with its Lite model which comes in at about half the price of other gaming consoles. If you are looking to purchase a gaming console here are some good options to consider.

Microsoft bills the XBOX One X as the most powerful game console on the market with 40% more power than its competitors. They offer Xbox Live service which provides an advanced multiplayer network. The 4K gaming ability lets you really immerse yourself in the experience and you can also play 4K Blu-rays for the best possible movie viewing experience. If you are upgrading to this newer model you will be able to use all the XBOX One games and accessories that you already own. With the holiday season around the corner, deals should be available on this popular model. This XBOX One X 1TB console is available from Microsoft for a sale price of $399.99 - $100 off of a list price of $499.99. It comes bundled with Tom Clancy Division 2. For $399 at Best Buy you have your choice of bundles including a NBA 2K20 Bundle and Gears 5 Bundle.

Sony offers the Playstation 4 Pro gaming console with 1TB of memory and plenty of graphical power. It works great on your 4K TV for playing games like Call to Duty or Borderland 3. If you need more power, you can turn on "Boost Mode", this allows HD TV enhanced games to have more clarity from faster frame rates. When using an HDR TV you will be blown away by the vibrancy of the colors and the lifelike feel of the games. The PS4 Pro sells for $399 at Target. It is also available for $399 from Sony but if you sign up for a year of PS Plus which you probably will want to get anyway, you will save $29.99.

If you are looking for a more family-oriented gaming system or a system for a younger person, the Nintendo Switch is a good option. They have plenty of games for the younger family members such as Mario Cart 8 Deluxe and Super Smash Bros Ultimate. The big benefit of the Nintendo Switch is that it can go anywhere with you, you can use it as a handheld as well as a console. The downside for some will be the fact that it is not 4K. Tons of bundles are available and with the new Lite the price is something that everyone can afford. You can customize your Switch with a variety of fun available in the Joy-Con controllers. Currently, the Switch is available for $299 from Nintendo with the Lite selling for $199. Kohl's offers a Switch bundle with a Joy-Con Wheel included as well as Mario Cart 8 Deluxe for $389.99. While you can't use promotional coupons, you will earn Kohl's cash and YES2YOU rewards, making this a winning deal.