When it comes to formal attire, no man's outfit is complete without a tie. A quality tie can go a long way in making you look your very best. Your choice of tie also says a lot more about you than you might think. If you are a fun person, you likely won't be happy with just a solid color. If you are a bit of a geek, you might choose a tie based on your favorite movie and if you are a bit quirky you might choose something truly unique. However, it's always important to dress for the occasion, so you might want to diversify your tie collection. Whether dressing for work or a special occasion, there's a perfect tie for you. Right now, you can find some incredible deals on ties from the top retailers online. Read on to learn more.

The Tie Bar offers one of the largest selections of ties online. Choose from silk ties, floral ties, blue ties, 3-inch ties and dozens of other options. Ties range from $18 to $35, making them more affordable than most ties you'll find at the mall. Mark Solid Burgundy Ties are just $18 while the Barberis Wool Vestito tie is just $35. The Monarch Floral Purple tie is $25 and is sure to attract attention. You can also find unique textured ties like the Black Pointed Tip Knit for $25. The Tie Bar also offers skinny ties, and bow ties such as the Pink Flamingo Navy Bow Tie for $25. Orders of $50 or more ship for free within the USA. Check out the Tie Bar online to learn more.

With a company name like TIES, you know they aren't messing around. TIES offers an enormous selection of elegant ties fit for work, weddings, parties and any other occasion that calls for a shirt and tie. You can find ties in a wide variety of colors and sizes. Basic solid color ties are available for around $35 each, while skinny ties are between $25 to $35 each. The microfiber Prowling Foxes Navy Blue Tie provides a fun, novel look for just $35. If you are looking for something fit for a political career, something like the Republiphants Red Tie or the US Presidential Signatures Red Tie for $70 might be just the thing for you. For literally any holiday, there's the Every Occasion Navy Blue Tie for $70, or the Bats Grey Tie just in time for Halloween - $35. You can also find plenty of ties on sale such as the Santee Navy Blue Tie for $15, and the Richland Navy Blue Tie or Fletcher Brown Tie for $12.50. Currently, all Alynn products are on clearance at 35% off, such as the Get Out the Vote Yellow Tie for $45. You'll also get free shipping with your order and free returns if you aren't satisfied.

Nordstrom Rack is another excellent retailer for finding great deals on men's ties. There you can find designer brands such as Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Ben Sherman, Nautica and many more at the lowest possible prices. The Tommy Hilfiger Metcalf Dot tie is usually around $70 but at 71% off, it can be yours for just $19.97. The Ben Sherman Silk Grid Tie is 73% off for a total of $14.98. The Calvin Klein Mid Herringbone Tie is also $14.98 - a savings of 78%. Nautica ties like the Laken Stripe Tie are as low as $13.48. But these are just a few of many deals on men's ties you can take advantage of at Nordstrom Rack. All orders over $100 come with free shipping and there are free returns within 45 days of purchasing. Building the ideal tie collection for your wardrobe starts here. So what are you waiting for?