Are you in need of new business software? The hardest part of running a business can be taking care of all the moving parts that customers never see - things such as ordering inventory, tracking customer interactions, strategic marketing, accounting issues and more. If there is an audit, the data needs to be available from the business transactions and taxes. Luckily, there are a lot of good programs which help business owners take care of all these tasks and more. There are software programs at reasonable prices which are easy to use and ensure that odds and ends are dealt with correctly. Here are the top three software products for managing your business, which include Quicken, TurboTax and

Quickbooks is one of the leaders when it comes to both personal finance and business software. Quicken Home & Business includes separate categories so customers can keep track of all personal, business and rental transactions. Customers can use the software to quickly assess how the business is doing in regards to profit and loss projections and cash flows. Quicken also helps keep track of the kind of items which will help customers maximize tax returns when that time comes. Always being updated and improved, Quicken has many new features. These include expanded customer report layouts, access to more than 11,000 online billers, free Quicken bill pay and custom, personalized invoices. Customers also receive 5GB of online back up for their files through Dropbox at no extra charge. For extra protection, Quicken uses 256-bit encryption security.

TurboTax Business can be used for customers who involved in many kinds of business formations, including partnerships, S Corp, C Corp, and multi member LLC. It can also be used to handle transactions and taxes for trusts and estates. Besides standard advice regarding taxes and investments, TurboTax Business offers guidance and advice for customers on issues like asses depreciation, letting them keep track of large purchases at the time they buy them and then through the years. The program also generates forms K-1 forms for individuals involved in the business. It also generates forms for employees, contractors, shareholders and partners so they can keep track of their own financial responsibilities. Even for those without former real estate experience, there is a guide which lets them handle real estate property transactions on their own. is an easier, more basic alternative to Quicken, and is a standalone, web-based software program. For those who have smaller needs, it offers free services. Customers can create and track budgets, keep track of financial goals, and even monitor their own credit scores. While it does not offer much in the way of investment strategies, the services are similar to the basic services offered in the most basic version of Quicken. Because it is based on the internet only, even someone who was able to access the information couldn't do anything with the accounts. It doesn't check its own work, so users need to verify that the information they have entered is correct. This program offers the tremendous advantage that because it is online online, it can be accessed from anywhere.