Trending Careers In The Legal Field

The legal field constantly evolves with the changing laws of the land, resulting in lucrative career paths for people who specialize in various types of law. Recent drivers of change in the legal field include the implementation of Obamacare, the growth of corporations and longer human life spans. Although launching a legal career is anything but easy, those who put their time in can look forward to secure employment and comfortable lifestyles. Some of the most trending areas of opportunity in the legal field include:

1. Healthcare Law

Since the Affordable Care Act was passed, the Healthcare sector has added more than 1 million new jobs, creating significant demand and endless opportunities for those in the legal profession. Career settings in this growing field can range from hospitals and doctors' offices to government agencies and corporations that are represented through health law practice groups. It is common for health care law to intersect with contract law, public benefits law and civil rights groups. Policy and casework covers subjects like access to care, insurance coverage, drug safety, ethical choices (usually around beginning and end of life), and embryonic stem cell research. Also, as healthcare management systems become more modernized and technical, legal expertise will be even more in need.

2. Family Law

Those who choose to specialize in family law need to obtain a high level of experience and knowledge due to various types of issues. Most states require an advanced certification and the passage of additional examinations to prove competency. Casework includes: child custody litigation, enforcement procedures, mediation, collaborative divorce, and adoption. Family lawyers typically work in courts, traditional practice settings, and educational settings.

3. Elder Law

More Americans are living longer, and as large demographics in the U.S. shift toward old age, the demand grows for attorneys who specialize in elder care laws. Elder law plays a crucial role in protecting and advocating for the well-being and rights of older adults, many of whom often face difficult medical issues. Elder law often interacts with both Family and Healthcare Law as it involves such areas as insurance, medical care, end of life, guardianship, and trusts, just to name a few.

4. Environmental

The creation of new environmental regulations combined with growing interest in protecting nature has opened new doors in environmental law. Career opportunities may include drafting legislation on energy policies, working at an NGO advising litigation against malicious companies or in helping corporations to understand their environmental liabilities. Work for energy lawyers will likely increase as oil and gas industries grow and external factors such as climate change and greenhouse gases create greater environmental issues. Advanced knowledge of regulations, commercial contracts, and relevant statutes is essential in this specialty.

5. Labor and Employment

The relationship among employers and their employees tends to be complex - and as a result, the career opportunities in this sector will not be slowing down. Most corporations are currently growing and changing to more in-house labor expertise and some still rely on outside work firms and staffing agencies. This specialization generally covers issues related to unemployment, benefits and compensation, collective bargaining, discrimination, and safety related issues.

6. Non-Profit Management

For those who are interested in working via non-conventional routes, many choose to use their knowledge and skills to benefit non-profit groups. These great leadership opportunities combine problem-solving and analytical skills with their passions to effectuate change. The career options in the non-profit sectors can include international issues, advocacy to a specific issue such as environmental issues, and legal consulting, such as civil legal services and public defense.

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