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When the time comes for an oil change, people often pay way too much. More often than not, vehicle owners will hand over their hard-earned money in exchange for poor quality oil without even knowing it! The top 3 ways people end up overpaying for an oil change usually have to do with dealerships and local autobody shops overcharging for oil, upselling to unsuspecting customers, and convincing car owners that the most expensive oil they'll give your car is the only one that's appropriate for the vehicle getting maintenance. Unfortunately, this poor grade oil has the potential to greatly decrease an engine's life span. High-grade motor oils create heat-resistant films around the numerous moving parts of automotive engines, protecting engine parts from grinding together and wearing down even after hundreds of thousands of miles of use. The latest synthetic oils also keep engine parts free of dirt and grime while preventing oxidation. That's why changing your oil with the latest synthetic blends is such an important part of auto maintenance. If those 3 reasons aren't enough to prove to you why you should be getting an oil change ASAP, then perhaps learning more below may sway you to stop waiting. Until we get there, here are some of the very top oil change steals on the market in 2015: Sears is offering basic oil changes for $19.99, NTB is offering $19.99 oil changes for appointments made online, and Goodyear is offering a downloadable $10-off coupon from its Website. When asking about online discounts, see which companies use Firestone and Pennzoil Platinum Full Synthetic Motor Oil, AMSOIL 100% Synthetic Motor Oil, and Castrol Edge with Syntec Technology Full Synthetic Motor Oil. Each are affordable, top-shelf synthetic blends that will extend the life of your vehicle's engine without breaking the bank. Synthetic motor oil has a high viscosity index, low temperature fluidity and volatility, good oxidative and thermal stability, and low traction force. It is also compatible with all engine oils. On the other hand, conventional motor oil is more affordable and better for both brand new vehicle engines and older cars because of how synthetic oil disrupts balance of the engine. Finding quality motor oil doesn't have to be a big expense, and there are a multitude of printable coupons and discounts that can be used for quality oil changes. You can read more about our top 3 oil change deals below:

Motor oil is an essential component for powering any machine that runs on an internal combustion engine. Cars, motorcycles, and lawnmowers are all examples of machines that are powered by internal combustion engines. Also known as engine oil or lubricant, motor oil's primary function is to lubricate internal combustion engines in order to lessen the moving parts' wear and sustain its lifespan. However, that is not its only purpose: motor oil also helps to reduce corrosion, cool the engines through conduction of heat, improve sealing, and maintain a clean machine. The lubricated oil serves to protect the engine by lessening the direct contact and resulting friction between an engine's parts, which limits the amount of excess heat generated within the engine.

Gone untreated, an engine's fuel consumption will increase, its power output and efficiency will decrease, and engine failure could be imminent. That said, high quality motor oil is undoubtedly of the utmost importance for healthy internal combustion engines and as such, routine oil maintenance must occur in order to consistently provide quality engine aid.

Motor oil needs to be changed periodically because the compounds that lubricate the engine and absorb the machine's heat begin to wear out over time and lose their viscosity, becoming less effective overall. If a motor owner waits too long before changing their engine oil, they could be causing a great deal of damage to the engine. In order to avoid this, oil changes are routinely scheduled.

The last place where you had your car serviced will be sure to let you know how often you should be getting your oil changed. Motor oil changes are usually scheduled based on either the amount of distance the vehicle has traveled or the most recent time the car was in service. These two indicators are helpful in gaging how much the oil quality may have degraded since the last marker. Mechanics recommend changing engine oil every 3 months or 3,000 miles, while car manufacturers tend to suggest an oil change every 5,000 miles. Some believe that you can even go 10,000 miles before changing your motor oil if it is synthetic! Consult your local trusted dealership or auto body shop for a final say on the matter, and afterwards you can inquire about their own oil change discounts.

Most dealerships and leading motor maintenance repair shops such as Sears, Pep Boys, and Jiffy Lube offer extremely affordable oil change coupons depending on whatever promotional deals they are running at the time. There are also many websites online that offer impressive oil change discounts. However, not all of them are of the highest quality. It is important to familiarize yourself with both the synthetic and non-synthetic oil blends in order to save the most money while taking the best care of your vehicle.

There is no definitive answer to which motor oil is the best kind out there, but understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each type can help car owners decide what blend is best suited for their vehicles.

There are two types of motor oils produced today: petroleum-based and non-petroleum-based chemical compounds. They are sometimes combined as well to create semi-synthetic motor oils, a blend of the two chemical compounds. Petroleum-based oil is more commonly called non-synthetic or conventional motor oil, while the non-petroleum-based compound is known as synthetic motor oil.

Synthetic oil was man-made in mass quantities by German scientists in the mid 1900s as a replacement for mineral fuels. Over time, synthetic oil's popularity rose due to the fact that it was able to maintain its liquid form in sub-zero temperatures. Unlike this synthetic oil, the older non-synthetic, petroleum-based oil would solidify in the winter as a result of its higher wax content. Despite this, since non-synthetic oils are mineral based and have been in use for already over a century, they tend to be the motor lubricant used most often for internal combustion engines. Synthetic oil is considerably more expensive and because of how much better it flows through an engine, switching your vehicle to this type of motor oil may expose some engine leaks you were previously unaware of.

Whether you go with synthetic motor oil or conventional motor oil, you should be aware of which brands have the strongest respective reputations and customer ratings. If non-synthetic is what you're looking for, these conventional motor oil brands are top of the line and consistently rated among the best in the motor oil market. When you're looking for non-synthetic oil change discounts, try to find one that will provide your vehicle with one of the following: Pennzoil Conventional Motor Oil, Mobil Super Synthetic Motor Oil, and Valvoline Premium Conventional Motor Oil. Honorable mentions go to Castrol GTX High Mileable 20W-50 and Quaker State Advanced Durability Motor Oil.

Depending on a few major factors, car owners usually do not have too much trouble deciding which type of motor oil is right for their vehicle. The make and model of the car should be considered, as well as its age. For example, older vehicles with more miles and mechanical wear are often not best suited for synthetic oil because of how thin and free flowing it is. An owner may also want to consider the kind of temperatures and weather conditions the car will be driven in, and what kind of driving they plan to utilize their vehicle for. We recommend you ask a trusted mechanic or your local car dealer for their opinion before you commit to a particular blend of motor oil. After you have decided what type of motor oil would be best for your vehicle, we suggest you take a look at the websites of some of the companies listed above to find the best deals out there for affordable, high-quality oil changes.

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