Top 3 SUVs Of 2017

The must-see top 3 SUVs for 2017 are here. Sporting high-tech features and mindful of fuel efficiency, these top offerings from Nissan, Jeep and Ford show just how far the industry has come. Each of our base models comes with a roomy, comfortable interior, and each can be purchased with upgraded powertrain configurations. Today's best SUVs are also kinder on the environment with better EPA ratings and more stringent limits on emissions. There are more choices in SUVs than ever before, but here we're choosing only the top 3 models. We've reviewed the latest features, looked at the new designs being offered and checked out the reviews to find this years top 3 SUVs for you and your family.

A favorite of the top 3 SUVs with nearly everybody we talked to is the economically priced 2017 Nissan Pathfinder. The 2017 Pathfinder goes 30 percent farther on a tank of gas than previous models, and can seat up to seven passengers with comfort. Priced at just under $30k for the base model, this SUV is a good choice for those wanting quality along with the savings. Economy, safety and style are the hallmarks of this ready to go off-road SUV. In inclement weather or on back roads, the Pathfinder's intelligence controls will kick in to lock your 4WD with All-Mode 4 X 4i, without you having to do a thing. If you select the intuitive Auto-Mode setting, the technology automatically senses slick road conditions, and auto-adjusts the power to each wheel, returning to 2WD when road conditions improve.

Another of the top 3 SUVs for 2017 is the 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee. The 2017 Cherokee features seating for five and mileage of 15-25 mpg combined city/highway. This model is available with both 4-wheel and rear wheel drive options. With a four-star crash rating, this a great choice for the safety minded buyer. The 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee offers a style and luxury that is a refinement over previous models and a smooth ride that is a sign of quality engineering. With a luxurious interior, four different engine options, (the V6, 3.0-liter turbo diesel being one of the most efficient), and popular options, the 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee is a great choice.

If you need cargo space towing capacity and passenger room, look at the 2017 Ford Expedition. The 2017 model offers an efficient and powerful engine, one able to accelerate faster than you'd think a heavy SUV could and more power to take on heavy loads. The new styling changes for 2017 feature a more luxurious cabin that feels roomier without actually adding space, and electric power steering for better handling and driver control. The 2017 Ford Expedition is leading the General Motors competition such as Chevrolet by offering third-row seating for an expanded passenger capacity, with the seat itself able to fold away for even more cargo space if needed. This makes it all the more attractive for large families with a need for more people room, or just for more stuff.

What should you be looking for in a top selling SUV? What are the features in one SUV that would make it the premium choice for your specific needs over the other SUV's? How do you balance the benefits and advantages of one vehicle with cost comparisons over another SUV? Examine and compare: Larger sized SUVs can accommodate up to 7-8 passengers, where mid-sized SUVs are designed for 5 passengers. Other desirable features include 4-wheel drive, off-road capability, and full-towing capacity.

Of the SUV's listed here, there are good reasons to favor one over the other. With the flexibility of upgrades, you can decide if towing capacity outweighs passenger comfort, or if better mileage is more important than torque and speed. In addition to starting prices for standard packages, premium packages are available at and extra cost. Take your needs for an SUV, the basic things that will make the vehicle of most use to you, and the look at the things you would desire in your next vehicle, and work to find a nice balance between your needs and your desires. This should help you find the best SUV for you.

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