The Many Benefits Of The AARP

If you are old enough to become a member of AARP, you might find yourself groaning a little bit in your head thinking, am I really old enough now for AARP? Yes you are, and it's just best to embrace the many benefits you can receive when you are finally eligible for this unique program.

In order to become a member, you must be at least 50 years old, which is slightly below retirement age. The cost to enroll is just $16 per month, but that cost allows entry for two -- meaning you pay, and if you're married your spouse is free. AARP is a non-profit, non-denominational, non-partisan group that has the goal of assisting people as they enter their later stages in life. Not only does the AARP provide necessary services such as medical advocacy and elderly care networking, but this massive organization also supplies its members with various luxury offers ranging from restaurant discounts to cheap vacation packages. A membership with the AARP is a must-have for people who are about to retire.

Here are some of the other membership benefits you can receive once you enroll.

  • Benefits and Discounts--At many of your local stores, regional, state, and national discounts on everything from movies to hardware services.
  • Insurance discounts-- Special health, vehicle, and homeowners insurance.
  • Extra discounts on travel websites and agencies for cruises and other group tours.
  • Online service discounts with various providers like Time Warner Cable.
  • Phone--landline and wireless services.
  • Advocacy Information--Information when you or a loved one needs in home medical care.
  • The latest information of Social Security, and Medicare.
  • Attorney guidance for securing your will or living will.
  • Learn more about healthy living, financial planning, consumer protection, and caring for aging parents.
  • AARP The Magazine--a once a month publication strait to your door.
  • Community Services
  • Local chapter help--including the listing for services such as "Meals On Wheels" which helps feed people that are disabled or homebound.

It's nice to know that there is a service out there available to older individuals and their families to help them navigate that all important chapter of their lives. The AARP Magazine that comes every month is filled with helpful articles and tips on how to make the best possible life you can once you are nearing that retirement age. Nutrition tips, interviews with 50 plus celebrities, and many other topics are explored that are informative and interesting. The $16 per month fee only adds up to a little under $200 per year for all the amazing benefits you can receive.

So is it worth it to join AARP? Most people say that it absolutely does have enough benefits to justify the cost yearly. If you or a loved one is nearing 50, it might be a nice gift to give to yourself or that person you love. As long as they are using all the services that AARP provides then it's a good investment. The website details all the parts of the program, and is a valuable tool to explore.

Once you sign up through you will receive your membership card in the mail so that you can immediately start enjoying the benefits and discounts that are afforded to you through the program.

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