Hottest Pickup Trucks Of 2017

America is a country that runs on trucks -- pickup trucks, if the sales are any proof. The best selling pickup trucks heading into 2017 once again prove that point, and with falling fuel process, pickups are becoming more desirable. For cargo, towing and hauling capacity, nothing beats a truck. In the top-five best-selling pickup trucks category, there are only five real full-size players on the American market, while the compact pickup classification has seven (with more in the pipeline). Of these, fuel economy may be important, but doesn't seem to be the deciding factor. With so much attention being paid to alternative energy you may wonder why people are still buying a vehicle that is so notoriously bad on gas mileage and the environment. Well, just like there are cars that run on alternative energy, there are trucks that do as well. But don't kid yourself, it's not the electric pickups that are the best sellers. It's the big, full-sized work vehicles that lead the market. The two reasons people still buy these powerful gas-guzzlers are very simple: First, some people need them. Second, these rigs are a ton of fun.

Most of the top selling pickup trucks of 2017 are expected to be the full sized trucks, leading the category as they have the past. It seems when Americans want a truck, they want one that can handle any load that may be thrown at them. We did our homework and came up with a list of the top five trucks on the market: They are the Ford F-Series, the Chevrolet Silverado, RAM trucks, the GMC Sierra and the Toyota Tacoma. Read on for our reviews of these top-ranked pickups along with all new pickup trucks that have been revealed and coming out soon and see how they stack up against one another.

Of the Ford F-Series Kelley Blue Book says: "If you want a truck with serious towing and payload capabilities, yet as quiet and comfortable as many luxury sedans, then the F-150 should surely be on your shopping list."

The full size Ford F-Series has been the best-selling truck in America for 38 consecutive years, and the best-selling vehicle in America for 30+ years in a row. For any other automaker, or even model, this would be an astounding feat, but the Ford F-series takes it in its stride. Easily customizable to fit even the pickiest customer, The F-Series comes with in regular, crew cab, and extended cab, and a bed that various from long, to regular, to short. The F-Series also features two- and four-wheel drive, making it a machine capable of hauling nearly any load anywhere. The Ford F-150 has 11 different models, ranging from $25,000 on up, depending on accessories and add-ons. The biggest, the Ford Super-Duty, comes in 12 models starting at $31,000. The recently launched Ford Raptor is big, it's mean, and it sports all the power that one could want at 500 horsepower on a light-weight aluminum body and a twin-turbo V-6

Industry magazine Car and Driver says of the Chevrolet Silverado: "GM's full-size pickup trucks continue to be a class act in this highly competitive arena. Although they've been upstaged by newer, and better, trucks from Dodge and Ford, the GM twins still offer outstanding engine choices, features galore, great styling, and interior space and comfort."

Chevrolet Silverado dipped recently, but the truck remains highly popular. Sales slowed down over the past few years as the Silverado trucks were redesigned, but sales were steady and are increasing enough to land it on the list of best sellers still. Silverado pickups, with their many configurations of bed size, and the two-and four-wheel drive matching industry leader the Ford F-Series, are known for their toughness, handling and ability.

The RAM 1500, formally known as the Dodge Ram, beat the Chevrolet Silverado in recent years and looks to increase in 2017 as well. This full-size pickup boasts a smooth car-like ride and handling, a snazzy interior, and several different options to attract those wanting something more than just a hauler. REVEALED: The all new RAM Rebel is also here to fight against Ford's Raptor. With 305 HP, it's not as fast but is definitely quick. While it doesn't have all of the sport upgrades as the raptor has, it's about $20,000 cheaper starting around $35,000.

Consumer Guide has this to say about the RAM truck lineup: "Ram earns high marks for ride comfort, creative storage options, and abundant available power. Impressive cabin trappings are a nice bonus as well. Chevy, Ford, and Toyota loyalists would do well to have a look. You may well be won over by this Best Buy." The Ram is available in a variety of models and trims. Prices range from $25,000 to $49,000+.

In its big car issue (sub only) Consumer Guide says of the GMC Sierra: "The Sierra HD's redesign for 2011 burnishes the line's sterling heavy-duty credentials. These big rigs boast car-like driving characteristics with impressive hauling and towing capabilities, along with class-exclusive features such as all-surface 4WD. They're a must-see for heavy-duty pickup shoppers." The GMC Sierra must be doing something right, as it made the list of best selling pickups month after month.

GMC Sierra has been referred to as the upscale brother of the Chevrolet Silverado, probably because of the luxury features available to the GM full-size pickup line. With an updated body and interior, the GMC Sierra a 4.3-liter V-6 is an outstanding base engine, a starting price around 28,000 (for the 1500 model) and a five start rating from Car and Driver.

Last but not lest is the Toyota Tacoma. Not much is actually new with the 2017 Toyota Tacoma. In fact, not a lot has actually changed with the Tacoma since the 2005 redesign. This is the one compact pickup on the list this year, with prices starting at 21,865 for the base model WD Access Cab I4 AT and going to 37,615 for the 4 wheel drive double cab, V6 option. has this to say about the Toyota Tacoma: "In Toyota Tacoma reviews, our editors have found the truck's roomy interior, powerful V6 option and excellent off-road capability to be its best assets. Additionally, the Double Cab version is the only compact/midsize crew cab on the market available in both short- and long-bed configurations."

Why has the pickup lasted? The pickup is a workhouse, used in businesses both large and small. They can haul and tow like no passenger car (or SUV for that matter) can and are just the rugged vehicles many turn to when moving, working or hauling large loads. Pickups vary in size depending on the model, ranging from compact pickups up to the heavy-duty construction site variety. Even the infamous monster trucks, common in demolition derbies, are pickup trucks that have been modified with large wheels and engine adjustments. A pickup truck is commonly used for working, though in the past decade they've been redesigned and the cabs made bigger to accommodate a family, taking the pickup from the two-seater worker to the four or more fine family vehicles and off road utility vehicles.

There are also four- or front-wheel drive options that can make navigating the icy roads easier in winter. Most trucks also come with a four-wheel drive option that can be easily switched in and out of making use even more convenient. Four wheels gripping the road almost eliminate the dangers of the tires slipping in the ice. Any truck owner who has gone through winter months with their vehicle will swear by it, and it pull neighbors out of snow banks.

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