How To Choose An Elderly Care Facility

It’s time for your loved one to move into an elderly care facility, but choosing the right one can be difficult. You want to choose a place that will care for your loved one to the best of their abilities while also keeping him or her happy. Well, these are some things you should look for and some tips to choosing the best facility possible. For more information can be found online, published by organizations like the Alzheimer’s Association and A Place for Mom.

  • Family Involvement
    Your loved one should have a care plan in place and the elderly care facility should encourage you to participate. You should also be informed of any changes in your loved one’s conditions, including any changes in care. Overall, you should be able to communicate with the staff in an effective manner. The facility should have generous visiting hours.
  • Staffing
    Make sure that the elderly care facility has enough staff members to care for its patients. Ask about the patient to staff ratio. Some ways to notice whether the staff might be understaffed is if they feel rushed. Do they have time for you? Are they friendly? If the staff isn’t friendly, then they likely won’t be friendly to your loved one. You want to find a loving environment. Does your loved one have a specific doctor? If not, you should also ask about the medical professionals on staff.
  • Programs and Services
    There should be programs for your loved one at the elderly care facility. Ask if there are planned activities that the residents can be involved in. This should include social and physical activities. Are there activities available on the weekends or during the evening? Do they offer classes or hobbies that your loved one might be interested in? The facility should also include transportation if your loved one still runs errands. 
  • Residents 
    The residents should look comfortable and relaxed. Look to see if they are involved in activities, and don’t be afraid to peek in on classes. The residents should be well-groomed, clean, and dressed appropriately. This signals the type of care the staff provides. The residents should look happy and lively.
  • Environment 
    The facility should be easy to navigate. Residents should have freedom to move around. Independence should be promoted, but not forced. Indoor and outdoor areas should look safe and secure, and you should look for dangerous areas. Glance in some of the rooms to see if they are clean and how much space they provide. Ask if residents are allowed to bring in personal possessions from home to promote a comfortable environment.
  • Meals
    Meals and snack times are important. The menu should be available upon request. Is the food appetizing? The staff should also know about nutrition. Your loved one needs to be well fed to ensure adequate nutrition. If the staff doesn’t know about the nutrition of the food served at the facility, find out who does. If you cannot get an answer, that’s usually a bad sign. Sometimes, you are even able to sample the food. Take advantage if they allow you to assess the food options. If your loved one has allergies, ask how they will be accommodated.

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