COPD: Vital Treatments

COPD is a serious disease that affects the lungs, producing difficulty breathing and a number of other unpleasant symptoms. This disease, also known as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease occurs when the lungs become inflamed over long-term exposure to irritants in the air. Because it can be incredibly difficult to live with, treatment for COPD comes highly recommended. Some of the best new ways to treat COPD include StioltoRespimat, azithromycin, and the lung flute. Additionally, individuals may need to make certain lifestyle changes to relieve COPD symptoms and prevent flare-ups. If you have COPD or think you may have COPD, there is no reason for you to suffer any longer. The best COPD treatments are here to greatly improve your quality of life.

Inhalers can be incredibly effective in treating COPD in a number of different ways. Some inhalers contain medications called bronchodilators that can relax the muscles in the airways to help relieve breathing difficulties for a short period of time or over the course of a day. StioltoRespimat is a newly FDA approved bronchodilator that combines two classes of drugs: anticholinergics and beta-agonists. Other inhalers contain corticosteroids that can reduce inflammation of the lungs to reduce symptoms, or use a combination of bronchodilators and steroids to treat COPD.

Antibiotics like azithromycin can also be used to treat COPD when a patient with COPD develops the flu, bronchitis or pneumonia. Any of these respiratory infections can lead to worsening of symptoms, since they can aggravate COPD.Antibiotics like azithromycin have been found to be able help clear lung infections and reduce inflammation. Ultimately azithromycin can help reduce the number of flare-ups a patient with COPD experiences.

Another way to treat COPD is through lung therapy. If due to COPD, blood is not receiving enough oxygen, patients may need to receive supplemental oxygen treatment. Often oxygen units can deliver oxygen as they go about their day, or they can receive oxygen during certain activities or while sleeping. Oxygen therapy can be incredibly useful and effective at extending a person's life. A newer lung therapy device called the lung flute can help reduce mucus to relieve COPD symptoms. As a person blows into the flute, low frequency sound waves can break down the mucus. Another lung therapy method is pulmonary rehabilitation which can be used to strengthen the respiratory muscles using a combination of exercise, healthy diet, and counseling. This form of lung therapy can help relieve symptoms and make patients more active.

COPD is often caused by irritants in the air like certain gases and smoke that can trigger inflammation in the lungs. Long-term exposure to chemicals, gases and smoke can make it likely for a person to develop COPD, abusing the highly sensitive lung tissue. Most often, COPD in patients is caused by cigarette smoking, where the lungs are constantly exposed to irritating smoke. The inflammation caused by smoke or gases can produce breathing difficulties, mucus filled coughing, and wheezing among other symptoms. Therefore, to reduce COPD flare-ups, individuals should stop smoking, avoid others who smoke and avoid areas with heavy air pollution.

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