Best Luxury SUVs

The luxury SUV market continues to grow as each year brings new innovations that enhance the driving experience. Hybrid engine technologies allow luxury SUVs to go farther than ever, and high-tech features such as rear-seat entertainment systems, dual-zone climate control, traffic hazard warnings and premium sound systems make driving luxury SUVs more pleasurable than ever. With this much expansion in the market, which models are the top luxury SUVs and which will meet your personal needs? We've gathered reviews, opinions, new and stats to find out which models are the best luxury SUVS of 2016. Check them out.

The 2016 Buick Enclave sets out to define where family vehicles are going since SUVs stopped trying to be covered pickups. With the new tech, ride and handling capabilities, there is simply no excuse for the boxy, stiff rides of the past, and the Enclave eschews these problems. This SUV has all the bells and or whistles the sought after young demographic is supposed to desire, the more affluent buyers with growing families, usually enamored of Acura MDX's, Audi Q7's, while still including all the luxury and refinement that's necessary at the high end of the market where the big boys play. That's why we named it one of the Top 3 Best Luxury SUVs.

What do you get for under 40,000? Well, seating for seven or eight, cargo space, good fuel economy, smooth ride, quiet comfort, style, luxurious interior, great features and tech. Not too bad. A drawback is towing: The Enclave is tow rated for 4,500 pounds. Big boat or camper? You'll need a bigger SUV.

The 2016 Range Rover is the top of Land Rover's lineup, with the best combo of off-road capability and on-road comfort around. Comfort is sometime given short shrift with SUVs, not this one. With a big reduction in weight and upgraded terrain response system the Range Rover is as smooth and comfy speeding down the over highway as mounting rocks. All this at $80,000-plus. No, it's not cheap, in any respects, and the Rover has a history of less than stellar resale value especially compared to competitors like the Lexus LX and Mercedes-Benz GL-Class.

If you want to conquer any terrain while surround with luxury, the 2016 Range Rover fits the bill. This 4-wheel-drive vehicle is just as at ease ascending the Andes as it is pulling up to the red carpet.

Some problems: if you to seat more than five, you'll have to look elsewhere. A good question t ask yourself, do you really need that added expense for the Range Rover's extreme off-road abilities?

The luxurious GL-Class for 2016 is big, and delivers all the utility of a family-friendly SUV. The GL-Class has styling, performance and interior luxury of the finest Benz S-Class sedan. Benz's rep for quality is represented here by the solid build quality, high safety ratings and a suspension that gives a smooth and dynamic ride. Truly the envy of any full-size luxury crossover SUV. This big Benz has several different powertrain choices including a twin-turbocharged V6 and the more fuel-efficient diesel. This is no rebuilt on a re-purposed platform vehicle, this 2016 GL-Class is pure Mercedes-Benz all the way, yet one more reason the GL-Class SUV is at the top of so many SUV lists.

You have more than four passengers to haul, or a need to tow a 7,500-pound trailer? You can do that in Benz comfort. The full-size 2015 Mercedes GL-Class delivers workhorse-like performance in a luxury vehicle respected by valets form LA to London.

If you have young children, dogs or people/pest who might like to damage interiors, we'd suggest this is an awfully expensive vehicle to which to test crayons. You might look towards the more family-friendly Chevy Suburban or Ford Expedition.

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