5 Top Job That Don't Require A College Degree

So you have decided to forgo going to college? Whether it's for financial reasons, or if you are just tired of long term schooling, there are many different jobs you can get that don't require a college degree. Granted, it does help in many ways to have a college degree, but don't worry if it's not in your direct future. You can still have a fantastic life if you work hard to go after your dreams. Here are some great careers you can pursue even if you don't have a degree in higher education.

Hotel Management

A hotel is a large place with many excellent employment opportunities. Plus, when you go into a hotel to fill out an application by speaking to one of their human resource people they many times will, even if you don't have a college degree, try to put you into a position that uses your strengths. Are you great with people? Front desk associate might be for you. Then here is the beauty of working in a hotel...many times they promote from within, so even if you started as a front desk associate, you can easily move up to Front Desk Manager. Then if you do well, it's onto Revenue Manager. Then if you do well there, you can basically write your own ticket to success by getting the experience you need to move up along the way. It's that easy. Keep in mind you have to be willing to start entry level, but if you are an exemplary employee they are going to want to keep you, and promote you to other stations in the hotel.

Web Developer

A web developer can do many things. If you are computer tech savvy you can work for a company creating their web pages, helping with anything the company needs in relation to computer work. This is a perfect job for many tech proficient Millennials who grew up using screen and are quite comfortable with them. If you are really good at web programming you might want to work as an independent contractor for multiple companies, since you can make more money that way. Building websites that are client and consumer friendly is a highly in demand skill to have. The online world isn't going away anytime soon, so to be a part of its vast future is a great job to have.

Makeup Artist

This is another position where you don't need a college degree, just a basic love of makeup or even art to help you along. You want to get hired on as a sales associate at a local cosmetics counter that is either stand alone or in a department store. One of the best companies to get hired with is Estee Lauder. They own many different cosmetics and skincare lines so the chance for growth and promotion is high. Even if you start as a sales associate, you can easily move up to Counter Manager, Regional Artist, Account Coordinator, Account Executive, or even become a Trainer or Education Executive. As long as you are knowledgeable about the line, can do excellent makeup, are a valuable employee the chance for promotion is excellent. Plus, if you get a chance to talk to many of the higher-up's in the company, you'd be surprised at how many started at a counter level and don't have college degrees.

Retail Management

This is another growth positions especially in a department store where there are many different departments, and even if you start at the entry level, you can get promoted fairly quickly. Retail can be long hours, and hard work so the turnover rate is high. If you are a good employee then the chance to get promoted to management is in your favor. They tend to promote from within, even to people that don't have a college degree. So for example, say you start out in Housewares as a sales associate, then get moved to Shift leader, and then onto section Manager. That's just the beginning if you show them you are good at what you do, then you'll attract the attention of the executive team for the chance of more promotions.

Executive Assistant

Most companies that run an office need multiple executive assistants. This is a great field to get into since you don't necessarily need a college degree. If you are organized, on time, and have a great work witch then the chances of getting promoted within the office are quite high. This is a great way to get into a company you would like to work for. Plus you are working directly with the "big boss" so they will see how good you are first hand, and might have an interest in furthering your career.

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